Therapy Rides

Therapy riders attend on Monday evenings in segmented rides from spring to fall.  These children receive therapy on horseback from licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists who volunteer their time.  These therapists come from the Rockingham Co. Schools and other sources.  EC teachers and other educators from the Rockingham Co. School system also participate.  A special basic educational curriculum is presented to the children while they are in the riding ring on horseback.  Children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, developmental delays, autism, genetic/congenital birth defects and neurological disorders such as tumors, stroke, and varied forms of paralysis or developmental delays experience the joy of outdoor exercise, therapy, and friendships with as much support as is needed for them to accomplish goals such as learning to sit up, walk, or even talk.  Some of our autistic children who aren’t talking at school are talking/saying words on horseback!

Monday Night Therapy Rides


Mon night therapy rides are split into Five 4-week sessions that generally run from  March or April through August.(start up date is dependent on weather). Times will vary based on seasonal temperatures, so all parents/guardians will be notified of their child’s ride time for their 4-week session.

Facebook will be your resource for possible cancelations due to weather conditions or other circumstances. (Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, it is a public page that you will be able to view)

Enrollment Process:

Parents/Guardians must attend a training class for the program each year/season. We hold one large annual meeting between Feb and March. (If available, we may be able to schedule mid-year trainings.)  For 2019, the class is scheduled for Feb 23 at 1:30 and is located at Bethlehem United Methodist Church at 1891 Bethlehem Church Rd Reidsville (by the bridge off Hwy 14 between Reidsville and Eden).

Forms required for enrollment:

(Once completed, forms should be mailed, e-mailed, or hand-delivered. See Contact Us page for contact info.)

Please note: Children cannot be added to the schedule until forms are received.

Rolling Ridge Riding Medical Release Form

Rider Registration Form

Rider Goals Form

Rolling Ridge Riding Volunteer Form (one per parent/guardian)

Volunteer Comfort Rating Form (one per parent/guardian)

*If not signed in front of a Rolling Ridge Riding board member, the “with Notary” forms must be completed and notarized. (see Riding Forms page for all forms)

What to Wear:


  • Close-toed shoes – no flip-flops/sliders/sandals
  • Jeans/pants, or long shorts – saddles can get hot in the summer


  • Close-toed shoes – no flip-flops/sliders/sandals
  • Jeans/pants, or long shorts – if shorts are worn, they must be at least fingertip length
  • Hats are permitted (ball caps/wester-wear), but NOT winter wear items or toboggans – during warm/hot weather it is unsafe due to the potential of overheating

What to Bring:

*These are simply suggestions, not requirements*

  • Lawn chairs/picnic blankets (there are picnic tables available for your use as well)
  • Water – Rolling Ridge Riding does provide bottled water for their volunteers and riders, but if preferred, you can bring your own. (This is also an item greatly welcomed as donation!)
  • Helmet – Rolling Ridge Riding provides all riders with appropriate riding helmets. If you prefer to bring your own, please ensure it is a certified riding helmet. Bike helmets or other athletic helmets are not considered appropriate riding attire
  • Sunglasses (sun is bright as it sets beyond the riding ring)