Roundup 2022 Information

Rolling Ridge Round UP 2022

WHAT CAN YOU DO to make the Rolling Ridge Round Up a SUCCESS???
Here’s why we have a fundraiser………
It’s time for the ONCE-A-YEAR fundraiser to keep the Free therapy rides going for 2023!

The success of the fundraiser depends on EVERYONE participating! All money raised goes directly back into the program. No one receives a salary. The budget for the program to operate yearly is $45,000. Horses are expensive and they must be maintained daily throughout the year, even when the weather prohibits therapy rides!!!! That money provides for food, medicine, supplements, vet care, Ferrier care (every 8 weeks for 8 horses), costs associated with the Rolling Ridge truck and horse trailers (used for getting horses to the vet for medical care, supplies/moving hay), bridles/saddles and other horse tack & equipment, trophies/ribbons/awards, and for the equestrian team horse shows, and horse training).

An important key to success is to have a large crowd of people attend the event on Saturday Aug. 27 – time from 4:30 to 7:30- at 1891 Bethlehem Church Rd Reidsville (Bethlehem United Methodist Church). Rider families and Volunteers all need to invite everyone they know. If you are out of town that weekend, it’s important to have others come in your place. No amount of advertising makes up for attendance- people COME to the Round Up because they are PERSONALLY INVITED. Who should you invite? Friends, Family, Church/Civic groups/Scouts/sports teams your child participates in, Neighbors, People you know from School; People you know from businesses. Make copies of the “You’re Invited” Round Up form and take it to your church- put it in the bulletin if possible. Post it at any local stores that will allow it. Pass it out or mail it to people you know. Actively engage your community!

Families bring in the money:

– SELL THOSE RAFFLE TICKETS FOR $2 each to raffle off the “getaway at the Casita at Rolling Ridge!” The casita getaway has been donated by Rolling Ridge Farm to Rolling Ridge Riding. Be aware that the church does not allow raffle ticket sales on premises, so that means you can’t sell tickets at the Round Up. We need to respect that. (No, not even in the parking lot). If you have forgotten the details on the casita raffle, please see Cam or Karen at the check in table when you come for August rides. They will have a list of details for you there.

-Ask everyone you know to donate $ to RRR by giving it to you-we do not take pledges-you place the $ in an envelope with your rider’s name. Also in the envelope, place a list of who has donated to you and count the number of people, putting that total number on the bottom of your paper you use as a tally sheet. This is important to help calculate which family has won the family trophy for getting the most sponsors to donate. Also calculate how much money you have earned and place that amount on the front of the envelope under your child’s name. This is important for determining which family has won the family trophy for earning the most $ for the Round Up. You also need to separate out those who bought raffle tickets on your tally sheet.

Here’s the schedule for the night:
4:30- MUSIC BEGINS AND FOOD STARTS BEING SERVED. Food is sold for donations. Encourage everyone to pay as much as possible for the food. The church will provide a chicken/bbq dinner with fixings. Rolling Ridge Riders and volunteers need to bring desserts and a drink! Don’t opt out on this- we need a Lot of desserts and drinks. Take out is available, but it’s better for people to commit to come and stay at least till 7 so the auction will have a lot of participants.

5:45 to 6:00: a few moments for sharing what special thing has happened to your rider this season- if you have something inspiring /special to share, please contact Kathryn by text (8/17)

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so that you can be incorporated into the program. Talks should be no more than 3 min. If your rider has a special talent to share, this is also a great place to let them shine. Again, let Kathryn know if your child would like to sing a song, dance, draw a picture of their horse and tell about their horse, etc….

6:00-7:00: Live Auction will take place. Rolling Ridge is paying for an auctioneer, so we need to be sure we have some good items to sell off and we have a great crowd available to bid. EVERYONE should bring ONE item. What should you bring? A new or beautifully well-kept item- NO YARD Sell quality items please!)- Items should be things that will appeal to a large number of people- TEXT KATHRYN WHAT YOU ARE BRINGING BY AUGUST 17!!!! If you have more than one item, that’s fine- we are going to sort out and have a silent auction in addition to the live auction if enough items come in. If your silent auction item does not sell, please take it home with you after the Round UP is over. The actual live auction will only last one hour. ITS SO IMPORTANT: PLEASE when you contact Kathryn by text, state what your auction item(s) are with a good description – state their estimated value. We MUST make a list for the auctioneer in advance so that he can advertise on his website and at his auction store. This also allows us to have it categorized in advance. We can’t wait till Friday night to do all of the work on the auction. The auctioneer may bring in extra people to the event if we have good items for him to list for auction. This has to be done in advance!

DELIVER your auction item to Bethlehem United Methodist Church on Friday evening Aug 26 between 6:30 and 7:30 to allow set up. If you are NOT going to bring your item on Friday evening Aug. 26, you need to text Kathryn in advance. We really need the items on Friday evening. If there is absolutely no way to get there that evening, you can bring it from 2:00 -3:30 on Saturday- (please don’t wait till Saturday if you can possibly come on Friday). Tag your item with the estimated value that you shared with us by text, and with the same description you shared.

7:00-7:30: Trophy time! More great stories so if you don’t get to share earlier in the evening, this is the second opportunity! (Still need you to text Kathryn in advance of Aug 17, so you can be incorporated into the program). And then, it’ll be wrapped up with the presentation of the family trophies. Remember: you guys need to compete like it’s a race for the Olympic gold medal! It’s actually more important than that- it’s to provide for your most precious rider and his/her fellow therapy riders, each of whom is far more valuable than any Olympic medal known to man!!!!


-A CLEAN UP TEAM IS NEEDED to help get the church ready for their services on Sunday morning following our Saturday evening event. LOTS to clean up!!!!!! MANY HANDS MAKE A HEAVY DUTY LIGHT! Please be one of those who will stay late and help clean up!

All of these volunteer opportunities for families are a great way to say thank you to the many volunteers who dedicate themselves for MONTHS to help your children receive free therapies/educational tutoring, horseback rides, and equestrian team training!!!!

Kathryn’s cell number: 336-613-7201