Rolling Ridge Round-up:
The Round-up is our annual fundraiser which includes dinner and fixings for the cost of a donation, silent auction, live auction for surprise item, raffle drawing (we sell these tickets throughout the year), live music, and the most special of all – awards presentation for all our riders, including stories from kids and parents themselves.
Place: Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Date and Time: August 28th, 2021 4:30 – 7:00pm

Quilt Raffle Tickets:
As mentioned above, we sell raffle tickets throughout the year for $1 each. We will then draw a winner at the Rolling Ridge Round-up. As you sell tickets, turn the ticket stubs and money into Mark Davis at the rides. All tickets and money should be turned in no later than 1 week before the Round-up. Winners do not need to be present, but believe us when we say, you won’t want to miss the Round-up!

Parents/Guardians/Volunteers are encouraged to fundraise by asking for tax-free monetary donations, or feel free to organize your own event. You will need to contact the Exec Director, Kathryn Davis, PT,  at Rolling Ridge Riding with your idea. We always want to help get the word out to get as many people to attend/participate as possible. We also must be sure that an event representing the program is appropriate.

Donation ideas:
Tax-free money donations – be sure we receive the name/address of the donators, so we can mail them a tax receipt by 1/31. (visit the Contact Us page of where/how to send the information) 

Water:   Bottled water is a major necessity for all of our volunteers and riders, so the more bottled water available, the healthier everyone can be to continue to participate- this is an excellent way to contribute to your riding program.  Check with Kathryn (contact us)

Your time: We have a place and purpose for all volunteers. Even if you aren’t comfortable with horses, we need help checking in our children, pinning on their name tags, equipping them with their helmet and cowboy/cowgirl belts. We also need help at the activity/barrels to engage the children while on horse-back. There are also volunteer positions outside the riding ring and many, many more volunteer possibilities!

Items for the Silent Auction are needed- they can be delivered to Bethlehem United Methodist Church on the Friday evening before the Round Up- or on the day of the Round Up (times TBA)
(No clothing or yard sale items please)- Silent Auction items can include new items as well as baked goods.