Updated :: Equestrian Team Horse Show Saturday, June 24th, 2021

Update: June 25th, 2021 :: Good morning. Riders planning on attending the Horse Show tomorrow need to wear jeans, boots and long sleeve show shirt. If you need a show shirt, Rolling Ridge Riding likely has one you can use. Each event will cost $8.00.

Just a reminder: The Rolling Ridge Riding Equestrian Team will participate in a horseshow at Crystal Creek in Reidsville this Saturday. Families MUST assist in loading and unloading the horse equipment and trailers in order for a rider to show. Arrive at Rolling Ridge Riding at 9am Saturday morning. This is a regular horseshow (unlike the “Fun Show” which we participated in last week). So it is only open to riders who have had instruction to develop some riding skills. There will be another fun show in the fall for all. Crystal Creek farm is approximately 15min drive from RR.