(UPDATED) Upcoming Events for the 2017 season

(UPDATED) Hi all.  As the 2017 season is about to get started here are a list of upcoming events.  This is not all inclusive and more will be added to the calendar (left side of webpage) as the spring and summer progress.  Updates will be provided via our social media profiles (Face Book, Twitter, Instagram).

  • Equestrian team will ride 12pm for senior riders (those that rode last year).  New rider please be there at 1pm.  Volunteers please arrive at 11am to set up.
  • April 1st there will be a Rider Registration and Volunteer/Rider training class at the farm starting at 2:30pm.  This was originally scheduled for 11:00am but we needed to change it to support the Mini’s event.
  • April 29th, 2017 (Was on April 1st) We need volunteers to help with the Mini’s for a Spring Fair at Douglas Elementary School in Eden.  Please be at the Farm by 10:30am.  Please contact Mrs. Davis with any questions or your intent to support this event
  • April 8th, The Equestrian team first ride is scheduled for 1:30pm.  Please arrive early to help set up and prepare the horses.
  • On May 20th there is a 4H District Show, then on July 5th there is a 4H State Championship Show in Raleigh.  Both events are for 4H members who have registered in advance for these events.
  • Horse shows at Chestnut Hills will be on June 17th (9am start) and July 22nd (4pm start).

Remember to check back regularly for updates and changes to the schedule here and on our social media venues.

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