Tacking up for a new riding season

Good morning riders and parents.  The 2018 riding season will be upon us before we know it. If you would like your child to participate in the therapy rides at Rolling Ridge Riding, please visit the website at www.rollingridgeriding.org.  Click on the “forms” tab to download the medical release form. Have your child’s physician fill out, sign, and date the form at their check up. Once you have the medical release form completed, contact Rolling Ridge Riding via email at : rollingridgeriding@triad.rr.com and let Kathryn know that your child is ready to be scheduled for the spring therapy rides. Monday evening therapy rides will likely begin in April, weather permitting. The medical release form must be filled out yearly – so even if your child had one done last year, they will need a new one for the 2018 riding season. QUESTIONS?: contact Kathryn at rollingridgeriding@triad.rr.com

Additional registration forms are provided here.

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