Hi folks for tomorrow’s Horse show the Horses will arrive at Mayfield Rd, Ruffin NC, (Chestnut Hills Stables) at 10am or shortly after. there will be a lot of waiting so for kids with autism it perfectly ok to come a bit later (by 10:30). just to cut the waiting time. We will help you sign your rider up for a class to show in Chestnut Hills charges a small fee $5-8 to help them with cost of the show and ribbons). Kids can ride in 1-2 classes and they will win a ribbon. Bring extra money for food and drinks. There will be a concession stand and some fall crafts for sale. There will also be build a horse/unicorn station.
Attire: wear jeans and your Tie-Dyed Rolling Ridge Riding T-shirt (if you have one). Volunteers can pick up a shirt in the morning so we go as a team. Bring a costume if you’d like to participate in the costume part of the show.
Safety: Everyone will need to remember to practice social distancing whenever possible. Also you may feel free to wear a mask but it is not mandatory.
Horse volunteers please plan to arrive at Rolling Ridge Farm around 8:45am.