Equestrian Team Ride

2020-06-13 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Hello Equestrian Team!


Good news!  The equestrian team will ride Saturday June 13th.


We will be outside, but will still require social distancing.


Things WILL look a little different as we strive to follow guidelines in reopening.  SO….


First things first:

-if you feel your rider and your family shouldn’t participate, all is well.  Perhaps a little later then.  Just email or text me when you do feel you are ready.

-if you are ready to ride, then you need to email me (rollingridgeriding@triad.rr.com ) or text me at 336-613-7201

-we will assign ride times so I need to hear from you asap in order to get the schedule out to you

– we will need to follow social distancing, even though we are outside

-please don’t attend if you or anyone in your house/family is not well

-we will not require  our horse handlers or volunteers on the ground to  wear masks as they  will be doing physical exertion  in summer heat and becoming overheated could result in serious health issues such as a heat stroke, or other issue.  Riders, volunteers  and families may  wear a mask if you like as suggested by the Phase 2 reopening documents from Gov Cooper.   This is not a requirement from RRR.   We will be in groups of less than 25 people outside with social distancing.  Please do what makes you feel the safest.  We will have all sign a disclaimer signifying that we all understand that the virus continues its presence in NC and that RRR will not be held liable should you decide  to attend a ride and later become sick.


To help you make an informed decision,  Here are the most updated numbers for Rockingham County, NC: (from June 8 report taken from www.co.rockingham.nc.us


Total confirmed cases in Rockingham County NC:  115

Hospitalized :  4

Recovered: 106

Deaths.: 2

Asymptomatic:  3


Now that we have all that covered, lets talk about the Saturday ride.  We will have 2-3 riders at a time and each will be in a separate ring area.  We will practice showmanship and equitation for the virtual horseshoe for 4H (you MUST talk to Nancy Norwood and register for this if you are under 18- you can’t participate in it if you have not registered for it.  She will be here on Saturday to answer questions).  If you aren’t able to participate in 4H due to age (too young or past 18), then no worries:  we will simply practice sharpening our riding.  We may hold a horse show just for our riders here later on as the summer progresses.  That will not require participation in 4H.


I know you’ll all be happy to see each other.  WE’LL ALL be happy to see each other.  Even so, please guys, don’t break the social distancing rules.  Let’s be diligent here, just for the sake of doing it right.


We will be near enough to cheer each other on and to have a nice time together but socially distanced.  You are welcome to talk to each other (as you would in a parking lot at a grocery store, etc) but do keep the social distance of 6 feet going.  That’s like keeping a HORSE between you and the next person.  :D.


OK- looking forward to hearing from you if you want to ride.


Finally!  Getting back to normal a little bit at a time 😀