You can support Rolling Ridge through monetary donations by PayPal!  You can use a credit or debit card; a PayPal account is not required.


To make a general donation, click the “donate” button below:

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To sponsor or adopt a therapy horse, please click the “donate” button below:

Have you considered investing in the future of children in your community?  Want to promote community in your workplace or promote your business?  Sponsor or adopt a Rolling Ridge Riding therapy horse today!  Sponsors of the therapy horses will be listed on the website and also posted on the Rolling Ridge Riding facebook page.  Horse sponsors will receive a photo of the therapy horse they have chosen to adopt.  RRR invites sponsors to come out to the farm and have their picture made with their chosen therapy horse!  Sponsors are also invited to observe therapy sessions and equestrian team rides!

It costs approximately $2500 per year to maintain each therapy horse at Rolling Ridge Riding.  Any donation to Rolling Ridge Riding is tax deductible (Rolling Ridge Riding is a 501C3 non-profit charitable organization).


For donations by cash, check, etc. please contact us!