For 4H Members that are on the Equestrian team. Here is this Saturday’s events:

The District Show will be in Raleigh THIS SATURDAY, May 18.

Below is a link to the class schedule.

Our plan is to meet at the farm at 9:00. We need everyone’s help loading the trailer and getting the horses ready.

It’s hard to know exactly what time our classes will be.

So we plan to be there around 12:00 – Noon, If time permits we will wash the horses and hopefully have some time for lunch.

Please plan to bring your lunch or money to purchase on site. (There are usually venders there.)

I realize we have been unable to practice much but we have some awesome kids & horses so I think we will be fine!

PARENTS!!! Please come prepared to sidewalk if needed!!!!!

Please let Nancy Norwood or I know if you do NOT plan to attend so we will not be waiting on you Saturday.