Aug 15, 2015 – Rolling Ridge Round-Up!

Join us Saturday, August 15, 2015 for the annual Rolling Ridge Round-Up!

Located at:
Bethlehem United Methodist Church
1891 Bethlehem Church Rd
from 4:00pm to 7:30pm

Activities include:

  • raffle
  • silent auction
  • live music
  • food for purchase
  • an awards ceremony
  • overview of the past year’s Rolling Ridge events
  • and more!

All proceeds go directly to support Rolling Ridge Riding, Inc!

At the end of each riding season, Rolling Ridge Riding has one final fundraiser- the “Rolling Ridge Round Up”! Every rider who participates in therapy rides or the equestrian team at Rolling Ridge needs to participate. The Round Up provides most of the operating money that allows Rolling Ridge Riding to exist. The Round Up includes a fundraiser supper for donations, music, a silent auction, and an awards segment in which all our riders receive trophies for their participation in the program.

What can you do to help? Each rider and their family needs to ask EVERYONE they know for donation money which they collect and then turn in to the treasurer at the Round Up event. We do not do pledge forms. It’s all as simple as asking for $, and then turning it in. There is a letter available for riders to send to their friends, families, church family, etc. if you’d like help in reaching people who are far away from you….it can be picked up at Rolling Ridge- or you can request it be emailed to you. When asking for donations, riders should invite everyone to attend the Round Up event to enjoy the excellent food and music and to take advantage of the Silent Auction items.

“Can I make a difference?” Yes! It is absolutely vital that EVERY rider participate in order to raise the $ needed to care for the therapy herd over the winter, so the program can continue next spring.

Where do silent auction items come from? They come from YOU! We need very nice items for donations – items are tax deductible to the best of our knowledge. Please contact Kathryn at if you have an item you’d like to donate. Allison Light also assists with this part of the Round Up.

Where does the money go? All monies go toward operational costs of the Rolling Ridge Riding program. No salaries are paid – ALL workers are volunteers- even the board of directors and the executive director. No federal grant programs help support Rolling Ridge. Each therapy horse costs approx. $2,500-$3,000 to maintain each year. There are 8 therapy horses at any given time. Horses require a farrier for hoof care, veterinarian services, food, (older horses require special dietary supplements), first aid supplies, board, etc. Rolling Ridge Riding owns a truck and a horse trailer which require insurance and licensing and gas. The truck is used for weekly trips to Southern States and Tractor Supply for horse care related needs. It is also used to haul hay. Rolling Ridge Farm grows some of the hay, but also must purchase hay which is then hauled to the farm for use. Additionally, the truck is used to trailer the horses to the many horse shows that the Equestrian Team competes in. Money is also used to purchase the equipment for therapy and educational items, and saddles, bridles, saddle blankets, halters, lead ropes, and other varied tack items needed. Rolling Ridge maintains a “show closet” for the equestrian team and also provides riding helmets for safety.

Rolling Ridge Riding Inc . is a 501c3 nonprofit organization much like the United Way….the Davis’s own Rolling Ridge farm, but they do not own Rolling Ridge Riding. It is a separate entity. Rolling Ridge Farm simply houses Rolling Ridge Riding and provides the location for the non-profit to operate.

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