A message for the Equestrian team

Good morning Equestrian Team!

 Please be sure that you are aware that riders will NOT be able to ride without FIRST providing the doctor’s note/form that indicates the rider is physically able to participate.  This is like a sports physical.  It is mandatory each year.  Rides start up on April 1st at 12 for senior riders and 1pm for new riders.  Senior riders are those that rode last year.  We’ll be sending out times for the team to ride, (we hope our senior riders will be  able to attend the entire session to allow them to volunteer to help the new riders and less experienced riders!).   See the website (www.rollingridgeriding.org) for the horse show calendar dates.

If you are NOT planning to ride on the Equestrian Team or you CANNOT get your doctor’s note before April 1st, please text or email me (336-613-7201) guys, I don’t recognize your phone numbers, so if you text, PLEASE PLEASE  tell me who you are)
email: rollingridgeriding@triad.rr.com

 Ready to saddle up and ride!!!!!!!!!


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